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Tips for a healthy lawn.


For the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, try raising the mower to the highest possible notch so you are mowing only the top 1/3 of the grass you cut. Taller grass promotes better root development, shades the ground, and blocks the sun to help fight against weed seeds from germinating.


Watering every day is not necessary. Water once a week, but thoroughly soak the lawn. Heavy watering not only helps prevent chinch bugs but also helps roots extend deeper into the soil. The best time to water the lawn is between 5am and 10am. Here’s another helpful tip; Set tuna fish cans in various spots around the yard. Once cans are in place take note of the time it takes to fill the can. Once the tuna fish can is full, you know you have given your yard ample water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling- when is my next treatment going to be?

All treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks from the previous treatment. You will receive a courtesy email at least 48 hours prior to every visit. (If you give us your e-mail)

Why do you offer 5 treatments? Do I really need all of them?

Frequent, light applications of fertilizer are better for the lawn. More frequent visits also allows us to control and prevent problems before they get out of hand.

What type of products are used and are they safe?

All products used by Turf Medic are general use, over-the-counter products. We only use products registered and labeled by the EPA for use where adults, children and pets live, work and play.

How do I sign up to start my service?

There are several easy ways to sign up for Turf Medic’s services. Give us a call or click on Get a Free Estimate.

Do you have any kind of a guarantee? What is it?

Turf Medic has a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

How did you come up with my price?

Pricing is based on the size of your lawn.

How do I pay for my service? Do you offer prepayment options?

You can pay at the time each treatment is completed or prepay at a discounted rate.

What is a reasonable expectation from your service?

Our program is designed to improve the overall health and beauty of your lawn and landscape. Each treatment compliments the previous one. A thicker, healthier lawn with fewer weeds can be maintained with continuous use of our full program.

What makes your service/company different from others?

Here’s a list of things we do differently than our competitors: Email ahead before every visit Soil pH test included 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Custom blend of phosphate free fertilizers with Duration controlled release of Nitrogen technology Free service call guarantee Our Lawn Specialists are not paid bonuses based on extra lawns done per day

Are your technicians registered?

In addition to having several years experience, all of our technicians are registered applicators in the state of PA.

Do you offer other services besides lawn care?

Yes, we offer tree & shrub care, Pest Control Services, as well as many other Supplemental Services for your lawn.

Do you offer other services besides lawn care?

Yes, we offer tree & shrub care, Pest Control Services, as well as many other Supplemental Services for your lawn